Metallurgical enterprise “DSLZ” produces and delivers to the Ukrainian market and the market of the near abroad countries modern sports equipment and equipment for professional and amateur sports grounds and halls. Our clients are fitness clubs, children’s and youth sports schools and other sports organizations.

The basis of the company’s assortment is sports equipment for schools and kindergartens, it is sold at a moderate price, compared to the cost of similar products of imported production. In our catalog there are also goods made according to the traditional scheme, and improved models, featuring an attractive appearance.

Our company offers the equipment of sports halls for general health or professional sports “on a turn-key basis” basis. Usually sports equipment for a hall or a stadium is bought not for one season – that’s why it’s important to stop your choice on the manufacturer’s products, which can guarantee compliance of the products to safety and durability standards.

If you plan to equip a sports or gym or you need good sports equipment for kindergartens and schools, you can buy our products by contacting us by phone or by ordering on our website. Contacting our company, you can entrust us with the installation of the product, as well as receive detailed advice from experts on any matter related to the operating conditions of sports equipment.

With bulk purchases of a significant size, a flexible system of discounts operates.

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