Manufacture and sale of steel cast iron

Our Principles of Working with the Client

At the heart of our mutually beneficial cooperation with our Clients are our principles:

  • Responsibility. We produce our products for you in the way we would do for ourselves.
  • Efficiency. We never force our clients to wait for a long time. You will see for yourself when you call us.
  • Work focused on the needs of a particular Client. In each case, work with the Customer is carried out individually.
  • Aim for long-term cooperation. Most of our Clients are in solidarity with us in this endeavor. Once you have an order in our company, you will most likely immediately think about how to cooperate with us constantly.

Here you are always expected:

  • optimal prices: we adhere to a democratic price policy and work with customers without intermediaries ;
  • implementing the production and sale of steel cast iron in Ukraine , we strictly adhere to established standards, we have an effective quality control system
  • we have a reliable reputation and do not allow even small mistakes that could leave spots on it: we guarantee a high level of quality
  • like any responsible manufacturer , we take care of our customers and offer beneficial terms of cooperation, which you can learn more about in a telephone conversation
  • The shot is shipped in convenient and practical packaging.

Steel, cast iron shot, production and sale of which in Ukraine are carried out by our company, can be used for surface treatment of stainless steel, stone, non-ferrous metals (copper, zinc, titanium, etc.).Acquiring a steel chipped steel shot , you get advantages in terms of increasing economy, efficiency and environmental friendliness Production. But, by purchasing this product from our company, you will get additional benefits.